Photo Credit

Most photos/images used on Bitsystyle.com are copyrighted to each individual brand listed next to the photo/image. Bitsy does, however, use its own photos + imagery when necessary. Please note that we will disclaim photo credit in each individual blog post. Our "Gifts" pages photos/images are all credited to each individual brand.

Affiliates + Partners

Lucky for Bitsy, we have a wonderful support system at home. The vision of Bitsy is something that has been around in my head for a while, but it wasn’t until some really great people in my life (ehh emm – hubs, mother, sisters, in-laws, friends, etc) gave me a boost to really jump start turning my passion into a lifestyle business. As Bitsy grows, we plan (very firmly) to stay true to our philosophy. Therefore, we will not change our “style” or what inspires us just to earn an income. Instead, we choose products that we believe in – whether it be for their quality, style or both – and will not share anything with our readers that we wouldn’t purchase ourselves. True story. Many of the companies we feature do offer an Affiliate Program which means we earn a commission when an item featured on Bitsy is purchased through the link Bitsy has provided. Also, we will occasionally show banners to help products/companies we love get some extra marketing or earn a commission based on brands featured on our website or social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc). This also allows us to earn a percentage through clicks, etc.

Giving credit where credit is due – BITSY will always give credit to those who have contributed to make BITSY better and help keep us stylish. After all, isn’t it always a team effort?!

Advertising + Partnership Opportunities

If you would like to advertise or collaborate with Bitsy, please contact Alex at Bitsystyle@gmail.com.