bitsy favorite for the itsy...HERITAGE ROWS!

It doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

Heritage Rows is a new delicious hair bow company on the children’s fashion scene. Bitsy is lucky enough to know this brand well and we are ready to share them with our beloved readers! Kaitlin, the founder + creator of Heritage Rows, is incredibly creative, inspirational and gifted. You need to know her, you need to follow her (HERE + HERE) because we promise she will inspire you in every aspect of your life. Kaitlin has always had an ability to visualize a unique idea and use her hands to bring it to life. We are elated that she has chosen to put her creative energy into something that everyone can enjoy + appreciate. HR is a finely, hand-crafted children's hair bow company to meet the needs of those who search for and appreciate detailed, from-the-heart product. Classic, hip, special, happy, cool, beautiful, playful - all words that come to mind when we see a Heritage Rows bow on a child. Each bow is specially handmade with remarkable ribbons. Kaitlin also makes sure they will stand the test of time (especially babies + toddlers!) - each of the ends are heat sealed to ensure they will last a long time. BITSY has had the pleasure of testing them out and they have exceeded all of our expectations! We continue to get stopped when one is styled a-top our little's heads. You will be seeing a lot of them in upcoming features because we really can't get enough!

Heritage Rows Petite Red Bow, $6-.png

Some of Bitsy's top picks are pictured above, but Heritage Rows offers a wealth of colors for your littles' wardrobe. The collection will frequently add new colors and patterns, so just another reason to follow HR. We warn you - deciding which bows to purchase is going to be difficult. It gets addicting and super fun because you will end up wanting ALL of them! The best part of HR is that any one of the bows you choose can be incorporated into a tiny person's ensemble.


*Photo credit, Heritage Rows