bitsy favorite for the itsy...MOTORETA!

It was love at first sight.

A stunning brand named Motoreta came into our lives not too long ago and we can’t get enough. The sophisticated yet playful flow of both design + architecture had us at “hello”. We’ve featured them before, but wanted to take an opportunity to single them out for their amazing-ness. Please let us introduce you to our obsession…

These are a few pieces from Motoreta’s Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection. “The Kids Are Alright” assortment was inspired to protect our little ones from the cold by using “cold colors” such as grey, black, dark brown + denim wrap on the outside of the garments. Then in the inside they added colors that “kid’s dreams are made of” such as yellow, pink, water blue + green. Who can resist?!

Motoreta is a team of 2 architects – Cristina + Maria – with a very acute sense of fashion design. The two team up every season to pull inspiration from art, song, colors + the place where they live (Seville, Spain – yes, please!!). Their concept from inception has been “think global, produce local” and their “slow life philosophy” shines through their incredible creations for our younger generation. The intricacy in each piece proves that they place much emphasis on creating their own brand + lifestyle. We hope you jump for joy as much as we have when looking at the creations this dynamic duo has produced!

For more information on the Motoreta brand, visit!

*Photo credit, Motoreta