bitsy favorite for the itsy...ROSE & REX!

Need a gift idea? Need that super sweet toy for your little one's birthday or holiday pile to really make them go wild? Need to be the coolest aunt or uncle ever and always give your nieces/nephews their most favorite gift?! Or is it that you just need to be in-the-know about the neatest new toy on the market (like us!)?!

We've got the shop for you...

ROSE & REX - an online sustainable toy boutique - just launched and is a great place to stop by! You are going to wish you were a kid again after you peek through their assortment. All of the toys are eco-friendly and promote open-ended and imaginary play. Just like back in the day. The list goes on and on for Rose & Rex...their toys are all curated by teachers and education professionals, sustainable, baby-safe and like we said earlier, eco-friendly. And if you are worried about your house looking like your kids own it, don't you worry your little design-conscious heart...these toys can all double as decorative pieces because they are that cool! (They actually may inspire you so much you can decorate around them! This is what happened to us!)

As parents and professional gift-givers, Bitsy loves how Rose & Rex's website is organized. They make it extremely easy to search and find the perfect toy. They have all of the toys organized into categories such as "build", "move", "pretend", etc. In addition, under each category they have ages you can choose to narrow your search. So if you are Uncle So-and-so from Brooklyn looking to find a hip new toy for your 8 year old nephew and have no clue what 8-year olds care about these days Rose & Rex has you covered! No return receipt needed here. And, it truly feels like you are shopping in a brick & mortar store. Say no more.

Ready for the best part (come on, Bitsy always finds the best part!)?! Each toy bought gives back to less fortunate children with Rose & Rex's 'Play-It-Forward' program. Rose & Rex partners with Second Chance Toys to ensure that children in need will also get a chance to feel joy and enhance their development while learning to play with a non-biodegradeable toy that would otherwise end up in a landfill. These toys help cultivate social learning, creativity, emotional development, and fine motor skills. How wonderful it is to be able to help a child that would normally not have a chance to learn through play? Play is important and we love that Rose & Rex is on it!

As usual, Bitsy has outlined below some of our favorite products from Rose & Rex's shop. But, hop over to Rose & Rex yourself to see what other goodies they have in stock right now! And don't forget to keep this one bookmarked - you're going to need them and be happy they are at your fingertips! Plus, Rose & Rex were kind enough to offer BITSY readers an adorable Rose & Rex tote bag with every purchase! Shop away!!!!


 *Photo Credit: Rose & Rex