Bitsy x Me Do


When you meet a mom friend that ignites something in you and makes you feel like ‘Shoot, I can do this!’! That’s what happened when I met my friend Diana for the first time. Not only did we hit it off just by connecting on life, but we are both passionate about children’s style + clothing! We fully inspired one another from the start. To boot, Diana is the creator and owner of Me-Do, Inc. A children’s basics clothing company that was created to empower both children and parents. Here’s how…

Me Do, Inc. was created by Diana for her son that has sensory sensitivities. However, for this (smart) mom of 3, DIana always found getting her preschoolers dressed was a struggle. The name “Me Do” comes from experiences with her 3 children always wanting to do things themselves…things like getting dressed. Me Do is a simple, basics collection of unisex, adaptive tees/shorts/sweats (basics!) aimed to help preschoolers learn to get dressed. All of the pieces in the collection are sensory neutral! No tags, no hard threads - simply the softest. The colors chosen are calming in nature (you'll never see a red, yellow or orange since those are fire colors and can be sensory aggressive). The bunny on the interior front + back helps the preschooler learn the front versus the back of a garment, so they can truly do it themselves - me do! Bitsy has sampled Me Do for functionality, style (always!) and wear. We are very pleased (hence, this brand becoming a “Bitsy Favorite for the Itsy!) and felt a need to share with our Bitsy community…

My girls have been sporting Me-Do for the past few months. Diana was kind enough to drop off a set for each of my girls. Lucy and Greer have put their own style spin on each piece a lot over the past few months and I’ve so enjoyed watching them style them, play in them, get cozy in them and live in them! The best part was watching Greer (especially) put them on HERSELF! I am a perfectionist, so the fact that 1. she can put them on herself without having a fit and 2. gets it right every time really makes us all happy! I am especially grateful for the pieces now that school has started and our morning rush is truly a rush! Check out Lucy and Greer’s favorite looks with their favorite Me Do pieces below. PS Me Do is great for layering. The long-sleeve tees are a mom favorite and the joggers are a kid favorite…

Above, Lucy wearing the Everyday Sweatpant in tan.

Above, Lucy wearing Everyday Long Sleeve Tee in white and Greer wearing the Everyday Sweatpant in white.

Above, Lucy is wearing the Everyday Long Sleeve Tee in white and Greer is wearing the Everyday Long Sleeve Tee in Pretty Pink.

Above, Greer is wearing the    Everyday Long Sleeve Tee in Pretty Pink   .

Above, Greer is wearing the Everyday Long Sleeve Tee in Pretty Pink.

We sold Me-Do, Inc. at the Bitsy Pop Up Shop in March. After hearing Diana’s mission statement and trying the clothing on my girls through many different wears, I felt it was my duty to share this brand with our community. And now, on to a greater platform sharing it on our blog and social media feeds! We hope you check it out for yourself and be sure to share your success stories and tag @bitsystyle and @medo_inc on Instagram!

Me Do has been kind enough to offer Bitsy followers 15% off their first purchase! Upon check out on be sure to use the code BITSYSTYLE to receive your discount!

Images, Kristin Wood Photography.