Bitsy Favorite for the Itsy...Paper Cape!

A few months back I came across a fabulous little brand named Paper Cape. Their jammies stole my heart, but as I poked through their website I fell in love on every corner. I am a visual person - I love touching and feeling fabrics. I have been doing it for so long that it has become so much a part of who I am. There are those few times, however, when I am online shopping (personally or for Bitsy) when I know (without being able to touch a product) that it is just the right quality fabric and beautifully crafted. Visiting Paper Cape’s website was one of those times. They’ve generously offered Bitsy’s readers a 20% discount so keep reading to learn more…

Bitsy loves hand-me-down pieces. Our recent Pop Up Shop carried a wide range of clothing, all at great price points with many of the brands featured as “hand-me-down” worthy. It was a must when merchandising our collection. The Paper Cape clothing itself was enough to win our hearts, but when we set our eyes on their tags (see below), we were ready to commit. The detail, the thought, the love that goes into this brand is extraordinary and we could not be more excited to share it with you and spread the love…

To collaborate with Paper Cape we thought we’d try out some of their scrumptious jammies (I’ve already asked if they can make them in adult sizes!). They are literally all you need. Purchase 3-4 pairs for your littles and you’ve got year-round, adorable, uber comfy, classic jammies! Whether you have central air conditioning or stick out the hot summer nights, live in a super cold climate and need cozy-coze or live in a mild year-round temp these are the only pajamas you need for your kids. Trust us. The fabric they sourced for their collection is the softest, strongest cotton. I’ve washed the girls Paper Cape clothes several times now and they come out looking like new every single time. Since their largest size in the pajamas is a 5T, we went with the largest size for Lu and a size 4 for Greer (41/2). Lucy was able to squeeze into them comfortably and wears them as many nights as they are clean! Greer’s size is just perfect and she’ll def get at least another year out of them.

We also ventured into trying their dresses and tops. The Peter Pan Collar dress is a straight, easy style - either as a dress option for school or something special. Since Paper Cape only goes up to a size 4T in dresses, we went with the largest size. Lucy (7), however, also rocks it (pictured above) as a tunic over leggings. Love that we get use out of the dress for both of our girls and they are 3 years apart! We also have the Peter Pan Collar Blouse (with the necklace) which may be too cute for words. It is ALL Greer wants to wear. She loves it b/c it has expression and is also super comfy with a nice fit. We’ve paired it with skirts, pants and even shorts on the warmer spring days. Again, I’ve washed it a million times already and it still looks brand new. Their “playground to parties” tag line really holds true. All of these items will go into our hand-me-down bins for sure!

Here are a few more snaps of the girls loving their jammies and other Paper Cape pieces. Mike and the girls make pancakes every Sat and/or Sun AM so we decided to put the pajamas to the true test!

Paper Cape just launched this adorable dress! How sweet it is for Easter. And, the best part is that packing this dress is easy since the fabric is so amazing.

You also want to check out their baby collection. Again, key pieces that you don’t need a ton of that you can hand-me-down to younger children, cousins, grandchildren in years to come even. What a beautiful baby gift one of their reversible wrap dress or a set of their baby pajamas or their adorable overalls would make! This is a brand is a brand Bitsy stands behind and will be buying until our girls fully grow out of it!

Paper Cape is generously offering Bitsy’s readers a 20% discount! Use code BITSY at checkout…

Image credit: Kristin Wood Photography, Paper Cape + Bitsy Style