bitsy favorite for the itsy...LINDSEY BERNS!

I’ve been doing a lot of fun research for Bitsy and through my travels have come across some really awesome, different collections from designers that have amazing backgrounds and a really strong passion for dressing children. This passion draws me in so quickly and just captures me – I get lost in the excitement of their collections and the reasons behind their creations. It is so neat to find people that share the same excitement as I do for dressing the itsy bitsy. Of course, my purpose is to share what I find with you, my readers. So, welcome to Bitsy’s new series “bitsy favorite for the itsy”. Every time you see this title you will know that I will be introducing you to an amazing designer and their collection/s.

Lindsey Berns was one of the first designers I came across in my Bitsy adventure. What really drew me in to her aesthetic is her ultimate vision (which echos through her creations) to create a look that is neither in nor out of style – just classic and timeless. This is how I try to dress my daughter and myself. I love the classics, but also like to move with time and trend, which inevitably help create a style that we can call our own. In Lindsey’s fall/winter 2013 collection she hit up charm and artistic expression to create individual pieces of art - Super playful pieces that can be paired with high top sneaks or even delicate ballet slippers. She really hit the nail on the head.

In a few weeks we will get to see Lindsey’s spring/summer 2014 line that was inspired by a completely different theme than last season’s collection. Get excited. In Lindsey’s words, “for spring, think airy, feminine pastels”.  I feel like a little kid on Christmas eve awaiting its arrival! Stay tuned. In the meantime, I shared a sampling of her very popular fall/winter 2013 collection below to give you an idea of her art work…


*Photo credit, Lindsey Berns