Calling All Planners!

All of the Type A’s raise your hand ✋.

Yup. I admit it. I can’t help myself. Planning is my thang. Its what makes me tick. However, now that I’ve got 2 other little beings to keep in check, I also must admit that my life has gotten into a jumble one too many times. I’ve signed myself up for (what I thought) was a fool-proof, “will not skip a deadline” calendar and planning system and it always falls to pieces. So, I’ve just recently learned about the Panda Planner and I have to say I think this one just might do the trick.

Sign yourself up to commit. Make a time each week to lay out next week’s plan. Writing it down for me is a huge help. I do it for my personal life and for Bitsy. As much as I love my iPhone calendar reminders, I also cannot do without a physical, desk planner. The Panda Planner won’t let you skip a beat. Check out the one we think would be the most beneficial for our daily routine…

I also like the looks of this one (if it is going to sit on your desk you want to love the looks of it, right?!

Panda Planner Classic in Cyan

Panda Planner Classic in Cyan

These planners are calling my name for September when the kids are back to school. Loving the summer swing, but also starting to get a little ansy for the routine!

Image credit to each brand.