color me pretty! OMY does it again...

OMY is one of Bitsy's fave-skis. The company screams inspiration + creativity. It is amazing how a black + white print can inspire the pants off of us!! For those of you unfamiliar with OMY check out their website for lots + lots of goodies. Today we are excited to share OMY's NEW TEXTILE collection! OMY has created a line of colorable cotton accessories including a 100% cotton backpack, artist belt, belly bag + pouch. All come with OMY's washable markers, so the fun doesn't end after one creative session because your little ones will get to create colorful wonderfulness after every wash! Whoop Whoop!

Check out these products on OMY's site!

OMY Belly Bag, $16.52-

OMY Backpack, $26.60-

OMY Coloring Belt, $15.52-

OMY Pouch, $9.42-

*Photo Credit: OMY