Finger Puppets

Happy Motivation Monday!

Lucy’s birthday is coming up (soon 😁) and we’ve started the planning. So, as we think through our favorite gifts, we decided to motivate you today with another great birthday gift idea. Lu’s birthday wish list is more detailed this year, as she will be turning 8, so the pressure is kind of off to get super creative. However, we always like to surprise our girls with something a little more personal, more special from Mike and myself. We know you know at this point how much Bitsy loves Pinhole Press so bare with us as we share yet another great (inexpensive) gift option for kiddos (AND A PROMO CODE! Keep reading…) that will really show you love them. And, best of all, this gift creates imaginative play for hours. Our girls adore them and frequently I will find them on their own playing with them, creating stories and characters and scenarios that would spark an interest in play in even the crankiest kid! Introducing…

Pinhole Press Personalized Finger Puppets

When I created these for the girls (as a special gift from the Easter Bunny) I mostly chose pictures of them in their Halloween costumes. I thought it would be fun for them to make up stories about the characters they were dressed up as in the images! Some of the puppets have photos of them as regular Lucy + Greer as well. The finger puppets are double-sided so there is a lot of room for more imagination and fun. L + G love, love, love these finger puppets! When friends come over that have little ones the pinhole finger puppets are one of the first toys I show them for play. They are relatable, easy to play with and fun. My favorite part is that they are personalized. Also, as usual, Pinhole’s finger puppets look delish on a coffee table, night stand or bookshelf. They then become a conversation piece in your home. Gift them or make them for your own family to add to your game night - either way, Happy Playing!

Get excited…Your finger puppets were offered a 15% discount…
Love, Pinhole Press x Bitsy Style!

When you check out be sure to enter the code “BITSYBUYS15” in the promotion code box. This offer will be valid from today through August 1, 2019.

Images: Kristin Wood Photography