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Dresses, dresses + more dresses!

We were recently asked to collaborate with a brand we didn’t know. After scrolling through the brand’s website - Baby18World - I decided it was worth a shot and their prices were right. I am not one to take on a collaboration unless I believe in the product and would use/put it on my own children. So, as I shopped and picked out what I liked I stuck with a dress theme since that is all Greer wants to wear to school everyday. I figured I would make this collaboration functional and truly wearable and see if Baby18World’s brand could handle it. Not going to lie, their site definitely didn’t speak volumes to me. There are a lot of sites these days that are being advertised on Instagram and other social media platforms for inexpensive clothing - cute styles that are up-to-the-minute that we seem to identify with. However, I am always too nervous to try them out! I always think: what if the product never arrives and I can’t get my money back? Where is this product coming from? Am I selling my soul to the devil because I want a good deal?! But when Baby18World reached out, I looked at it as a great opportunity to answer some of those questions and get to the bottom of it. And maybe I would find a new “brand” for us.

Well, we were pleasantly surprised! My feedback on each of the items we chose is below. I went ahead and ordered Greer the Princess Dress (in 2 colors) and the Casual Strawberry Dress. We don’t have a ton of “school” dresses for Greer to choose from, especially appropriate for this winter weather. Most of the product I liked from Baby18World’s site were the functional, everyday pieces anyway. Here’s our break-down:

Princess Dress - I bought this for Greer in the lavender (much to my dismay, G is obsessed with purple) and the white. On the website it looks as if this dress will be more of a sweatshirt dress - it isnt. It is a spandex type fabric. I ordered Greer a size 4T (the biggest size offered). It works, but I would not put this on her without a legitimate bottom (leggings, shorts, skirt). She LOVES it and begs to wear it everyday. It is a great twirling dress! She told me it is comfortable and “let’s her have fun”! It washed well and even though I don’t put it in the dryer, it shrunk a tad.

Check out the twirl:

Casual Strawberry Dress - This dress is an absolute hit. The style and fit are perfect on Greer. I love it because I don’t mind her wearing it to school (she adores it), but has been a great option for church and other events. Again, great in this cold weather with tights or leggings. I have her photographed here in ankle socks because I’ve always pictured this dress this way - old school style.

We styled Greer’s pieces these past few weeks and want to share them with you here!

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