Guess what?! (Pooter is what!)

You're going to be a Grandmother! Wait, no...

You're going to be a Brother!

Wait, no...

Okay, you're going to be very excited by this new sweet little company we've discovered!

Meet Pooter - - a new-ish gift company specializing in unique gifts to celebrate your most treasured, favorite moments in life. In 2013 they launched their company with their first collection of books titled "A present for my...". These books tell a story of the journey a child went on to try to pick a present for a special adult in their life (mom, dad, uncle, aunt, etc...), but in the end they wind up scraping all of their nutty ideas and get them a gorgeous pair of socks. Adorable and clever.

In 2015 Pooter created their second collection (or "range"). This series is called the "You're going to be..." (a sister, a father, an aunt, a grandfather, etc...). The books come with 2 different size socks (one for the gift giver and one for the receiver!). How fun, right?! And these book sets are just as fun and beautiful to look at as well. The illustrations are super fun and colorful. The shades Pooter uses are exceptional and even more vibrant in person. Their price-point is extraordinary and they ship for free worldwide!!

Well, up in this Bitsy hood we are always, always, always looking for gift ideas and these little books are the perfect option for the expectant - well - anything, really! Pooter's books offer an easy, yet thoughtful gift idea for those needing a fresh take on life's biggest moments.

Head to POOTER to see the entire product catalog!

*Photo Credit, Pooter