Happy Halloween!

DIY Little Red Riding Hood + Goldilocks Costumes

This year Lucy and Greer picked their Halloween costumes on their own and truthfully at separate times (seriously, last spring!). Lucy told me she was thinking Little Red Riding Hood and Greer told me she was thinking Goldilocks (the Disney show “Goldie and Bear” definitely had a hand in this decision). As I always do, I told them to think on it and get back to me in August. I typically start researching easy DIY costumes around then. By the time mid-Sept arrives I tell the girls that they have to make a final decision so I can start creating with them and not feel stressed the week of Halloween.

Greer of course, being 4, changed her mind quite a few times during those summer months, but once September rolled around they both settled in on their original choices (I love when that happens!).

So, folks, here is the break-down of their costumes for today. They are both in heaven! PS I do not sew (which most people cannot believe), so my mission was to find “no sew” costumes. I succeeded and these were actually fun, not stressful, to execute!


Thank you, Martha Stewart! We searched and searched and eventually Martha hooked us up with this incredibly easy, super functional Little Red Riding Hood costume! No sew. Here is a link to a video where Martha creates it on her show and here is a link to the “how-to” break-down on Martha’s website. Below is the break-down of the materials we used for Lucy’s costume:

Red Sweatshirt

Brown Yarn for Braids

Red Ribbon for Braid Bows

Eyelet Ribbon Trim, thick (for cape)

Eyelet Ribbon Trim, thin (for hoodie)

Shiny Red Hood Fabric

Red Skirt (Lucy’s was from Cyrillus, but it is no longer available)

White Tights



This costume all happened in my head - from pinning Goldilocks costume ideas on Pinterest, to the show Goldie + Bear and to my own memory of what Goldilocks looks like, that is how this costume came to be!



Apron (ps you can use this for Strawberry Shortcake, Alice in Wonderland and so many other costumes! In fact, we used it for Lucy’s Strawberry Shortcake Costume when she was 4)

Knee Highs


Ribbon on Headband

Brown Felt for the 3 Bears on Apron


Wishing you lots of treats, minimal tricks and a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Post any Questions!