happy mudder's day!

Bitsy wishes every mother a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

We thought it only appropriate to share with you a product that will not only make your child smile, but will also give every mom some XOXOs at the same time. Meet Mini Messages…

There are many different ways for a mother to say, “I love you” or “Great job” or even “Hang in there”. Well, Bitsy recently came across a company called Mini Messages that touched our hearts in only a way a mother can. Mini Messages are paper napkins with adorable sayings and illustrations. They are a clever way to reach your child while they are at school – pop them in their lunch box or school bag - whether they need something that will make them laugh, a few words of encouragement or just a reminder that you love them.

How the company came to be is what really sparked our interest. A mother of three needed a way to connect with one of her daughters while at school. Her daughter had recently been diagnosed with a learning disability and she felt she needed support to get her through her school day. She decided to start sticking little notes in her lunch box everyday. As time passed she got a bit more creative and started making fun illustrations and catchy sayings to go along with them. Here we are today sharing this mother’s story and providing moms with yet another awesome way to always be with your child/children.

Bitsy has shared some of our favorites, but Mini Messages has a great variety of sayings + illustrations to check out on their website here…Mini Messages! They are fun for all ages + very reasonably priced - a pack of 20 napkins is only $7!