let's get personal

One of the things I love most about children’s clothing is how it can be trendy and fun, but the classics always remain, well, the classics. They don’t need trends to bring them back in style – they will always be in style. As I do research for Bitsy I have realized that in the world of children’s apparel classic will always be on trend. There is something so sweet about a little boy in a cardigan or little girl in a smocked dress with their monogram embroidered on the front. I’ve given a ton of baby/child gifts that have the child’s monogram or first initial. It makes the present that much more personal.

The trouble with this, however, is finding a go-to embroiderer. Someone you can trust – their style and their TLC as they personalize your product. Well, look no further – I have your "go-to"…

Monogram Mill

The company is based out of Massachusetts, but you can mail Monogram Mill your items so they can personalize them for you (if the item/s are not something you purchased off of the MM site)! The thread colors are all there so you can choose the one you like best. Plus, there are a ton of great gift ideas on the site if you need some ideas. Check out the site...trust me, you will be happy you did!

Here are two of my favorites:

*Photo credit, Monogram Mill