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Lil Bit Lit Studio + A Raven's Nest

A New Children's Publishing House + Book

Friends! We are talking about an uber creative, deliciously fabulous new book project we came across in our Bitsy travels!! Lil Bit Lit Studio is a new children's publishing house creating art-forward storybooks for children and their adults. With a ton of incredibly inspirational artists emerging in the South where 3 hip mamas are from, Jenny, Molly and Raven decided to bring this inspiration to life by "switching on the light bulb to creativity, wonder and imagination". Lil Bit Lit was then born and is a platform for artists/writers to develop beautiful art and content to be "directed to children in a way that they will be able to understand and process emotion, build empathy, appreciate the natural world, and experience a sense of wonder". 

Their first book is titled A Raven's Nest. Raven Roxanne, one of the founders of Lil Bit Lit Studio and an accomplished artist, created this book from an artistic series she calls her "Nest Series". Raven started painting abstract bird's nests to help her express her own emotions through different changes in life (such as her marriage). She found that children resonated with how she would create these nests so she decided to start helping kids create their own abstract nests. As she watched children design, she saw them finding joy through this process. Raven loves how the children found meaning behind discovering their feelings and realizing there is a way for them to productively confront their own range of emotions - from happiness-sadness-fear. A Raven's Nest is the product of these projects, inviting the reader into a casual autobiography - the tale of a young girl (Raven) and her mischievous dog (Willie) on a journey to create their own nest.

Bitsy has contributed to the Kickstarter and we really, really cannot wait to have this book on our coffee table. The thought and creativity behind both Lil Bit Lit Studio and A Raven's Nest is astounding and something we really want to be a part of! To learn more and contribute to Lil Bit Lit + A Raven's Nest head to their Kickstarter HERE. Only 3 days left so hurry!!

Jenny, Molly and Raven working on their first book, A Raven's Nest.

Raven working with young artists to create their abstract nests.

Photo credit, Lil Bit Lit + Raven Roxanne.

Update 2.8.19 - To purchase A Raven’s Nest or other amazing children’s storybooks head to Lil Bit Lit Studio’s website!