Linen Dolls

Sweet, Precious and Primitive

We’ve been following the linen doll craze for some time now and have loved every minute of it. But it wasn’t until just recently that we came across a linen doll (+ dollhouse!) maker that really won our hearts. Let’s put it to you this way - if Bitsy were to be a doll, this is how it would look and dress!

Anastasia of ANDYandANN on Etsy hand-makes exceptional, “4-eyed” doll friends and - even better - creates extremely sweet clothing for them to wear. Bitsy has been crushing over the outfits she styles for these little dolls! She even creates dwellings for the dolls, so these can act as room decor as well!

Greer, our 4-year old, always has to have “buddy” with her on our trips to the grocery store, to school, to a play date at a friend’s house. We typically try to inspire her to choose something soft and lovable, small enough to carry, but not too heavy. Something that can’t get lost, especially. These little Andy and Ann dolls are the perfect little buddy.

Photo Credit, ANDYandANN.