Losing Their Marbles...and Their Stuff...

We all have at least one - the child that somehow forgets their "stuff" everywhere. They somehow forget their jacket at school in the dead of winter. They somehow let "Jane" borrow their ballet slippers because "she didn't have hers". They somehow just can't keep track of their personal items. Yup. They exist and then we (their care givers) become human GPS-es. Searching and searching until...well, you know the rest of this story.

SEARCH NO MORE!!!! A wonderful company called KID-E-CALS has arrived to bring some ease to (at least some) of our woes as parents and care givers. Kid-e-cals does a fabulous job of creating a million different personalized labeling options. Their labels are washing machine, microwave and dishwasher safe. They can be adhered to clothing (!!) and will "stick" (ha ha) with your busy bodies for a long, long time. Just what we need. You may even have a child with an allergy and it helps to label the message in obvious places so anyone that comes in contact with your child throughout their day will know all about their specific needs.

You can create your own design, which is super fun. In fact, Kid-e-cals was nice enough to share some of their love with Bitsy and we have created our labels, used them and love, love them! Check out Bitsy's Instagram feed to see what we chose. And, GUESS WHAT?! Kid-e-cals has offered BITSY READERS a 15% discount on their first purchase. After designing your very own Kid-e-Cals, make sure to pop the promotion code "SUMMERSAVINGS" in at your check out.

*Photo Credit Kid-e-cals