Procrastination Motivation

Everyone gets overwhelmed. But how do you come out of it? I usually crawl into a hole for a few days. Then I come out of it, but only a little. It usually then takes on the form of inspiration boards, sourcing product + ideas and making lists. (OH, and driving my hubs crazy hee hee). Truth is, we've had such a world-wind few months and now that our lives are in more order it has been quite tough getting back on our regular schedule! I've been feeling a bit un-motivated myself and needed a rest, then a push. Does this happen to you? This weekend I made a big push in piecing together some key spots in our home. I pulled inspo from lots of different corners of my creative world to start rolling through our next round of this home project. Making it a home with our heart and soul in it is our goal in this next phase. Take a look at my process + what I'm thinking…

I always start with grabbing inspiration from my design books. My 2 favorite go-tos (for inspiration, fabric ideas, space|room set-up, over-all vibe are my Domino books. I have the Domino, The Book of Decorating and Domino, Your Guide to A Stylish Home. I have gifted both of these books to so many peeps because they really do stand as the base of any home decor project. I also saved my top favorite Domino issues (remember when those wonderful magazine issues would come in the mail?! Eye candy. Sigh.) After starting there my thoughts are typically a little more gathered and I begin down a certain path. For example, I decide what wall in what room I want to add flavor - is it with wall paper? Is it with pillows?, etc. Then I start diving deep and looking everywhere for more sparks, more inspiration. Pinterest is usually my next go-to. I either start a new search for the category + style I am wanting to grab ideas for or I search through my mighty Home Sweet Home folder! My Bitsy Pinterest doesnt have quite as much in the Home Sweet Home folder, but my personal PInterest does, so you can always hit up both!

I usually then start laying it all out, as if I am going to create a mood board. I am such a visual person - I have to see it all together before I start executing. I pull all of my clippings + notebooks I’ve ripped out of magazines (old school Pinterest thank you very much!) and gathered, fabric|rug swatches I’ve collected through the past year|s and see if anything ties in or sparks some interest. Then I am off to the races. No more procrastination.

Right now, this is what has inspired me for a few spaces we are starting to navigate in our home. I can’t explain it but it has a simple yet decorated vibe. A beachy vibe that I love. A comfortable and lightly decorated vibe that I love. I keep coming back to this photo. Mike and I are so much about “less is more” these days. The burden of our moves and reno - all of our “stuff” needing a space has just been too overwhelming for us both. We are wanting to simplify without sacrificing a down-to-earth, homey vibe. This photo also helps me build on the contrast we are shooting for in this modern farmhouse!

Our major focus as of now (aside from the music cabinet Mike is constructing!) is on a single wall in our family room. We are working on a barn door design and hardware for the door. I also really want to incorporate some other pins that have inspired me into a showcase wall. Although it will be a “showcase” wall and seen from other rooms, I want to keep it light and airy and personal. Stay tuned because my ideas are really starting to come together and we hope to start the wall really soon!

We also need a cushion for our mudroom bench that Mike built-in about a year ago (yikes - it has really been a year!). I’ve started sourcing fabrics and can’t wait for that to come into play! Stay tuned again.

So, yes, our procrastination has turned into some major inspiration which is amazing. The hump to get there isn’t always pleasant, but worth it. Hopefully you can hit up a bit of inspiration from this post as well! Thanks for sticking around :)! Feel free to post comments|questions below.