strum and get it

There are some sweet sounds coming from this tee...

yporque Rock + Roll Tee with Sound, $
yporque Rock + Roll Tee with Sound, $

Can you hear it?! This tshirt can rock out.

Like a guitar.

How awesome.

Check out this tee and others (!) from Yporque.


Bitsy knows a lot of little musicians that would love to rock out to this one!! We met these guys a few months back and let us tell you that they have a lot of soul in their products. Each "with sound" tee comes with a little sound device which is located in a small black bag that hangs from the tee and can be removed (for washing, etc). The device has a button that your child can press to hear a tune. You can also sample the sounds of each tee on their website.


*Photo credit, YPorque