Tea Party

In honor of the Royal Wedding and a Tea Party event in our area (Tea with Busy Little Bee at the Mather Homestead), we gathered some "tea party looks" for your little ones that are perfect for a spring soiree in the garden!

231 - Tea Party.jpg

Top Row (Top to Bottom): 

Giverny Dress, $95-

Boys Basic Suit Pants, $35.90-

Margot Overall, $84-

Middle Row (Top to Bottom):

Boys Striped Linen Shirt, $29.99-

Playsuit, $62-

Right Row (Top to Bottom):

Jack Reversible Sun Hat, $32-

Weeping Willow Jumper, $80-

Riley Dress, $98-

And More Eye Candy!

As an added bonus, we want to share Rosebud Boxes. Rosebud Boxes is a company that creates party boxes for themed birthday parties in order to make it easy and fuss-free for parents, while creating a magical and memorable (super cool!) party for their little ones. Sarah, a British Mom living in the US, created Rosebud Boxes from memories of her idyllic childhood where the magic of DIY birthday parties shaped her creativity. Below is a sampling of her "High Tea Party Box" collection...

*Photo credit, each brand.