The Best Cape for Kids

Bitsy Favorite for the Itsy…Kokka NYC!

It’s our favorite and there is a reason. In my Bitsy travels I came across the ultimate children’s outerwear cape company (we’re not talking superhero capes, although this brand is pretty fabulous)). Yes, capes - classic, sweet, fun to wear. Great for seasonal transitions and adding a fun new silhouette, right?! Well, most of it, but the practicality and comfort level in children’s outerwear capes has never been there. Since Lucy was born I have been attracted to the cape look on little ones. In fact, I crave it and always gravitate towards it. However, since I’ve been dressing my own little ones I realize what a pain in the butt capes can be - for them and for me! My girls always end up choosing not to wear them and I am always bummed to the max. Capes that I bought them in the past would just sit in their closets. The season would come and go and we would log it into the “mom lost” pile. Womp womp.

Then I came across Kokka NYC. Kokka is a children’s wear brand whose collection includes hooded capes, rain capes and trench capes (to die for!) for your little beings. Best part?! They have slits on the sides for your child’s arms and hands 🙌! And the rain/hooded capes have functional hoods! Some other key qualities that sparked my interest - these capes are light-weight (even the wool that keeps Greer SUPER warm), versatile, practical (even with backpacks - bonus!), and easy movement. The co-creators/owners of Kokka NYC, Susan and Christine, share a passion for children’s wear as well as specially made products. Susan had sewed up a sweet, practical cape for her daughter to fill the void she was finding in the marketplace and word got around fast. As they toted around their home jungle (NYC), they were getting stopped by friends and strangers alike asking where they can purchase a cape! So Susan’s friend Christine decided to partner with Susan to create what is now KOKKA NYC.

Susan and Christine were super kind to send Lucy and Greer their very own capes. Best news is that Greer’s still fits Lucy and vice-versa. The girls have been loving them - and so have I! No more begging them to wear the cute cape that will top off their outfit. Instead, they are automatically choosing their Kokka capes because they love them so much. I think of kids in cities walking or riding bikes to school through all kinds of weather. This cape is where its at. I should mention that their hooded capes come in a few different fabrics depending on the color you choose. Some are wool, some are corduroy, some are a water repellent nylon and some are a cashmere/wool blend. All are lined with comfy (adorably patterned) cotton for children’s soft skin. Kokka doesn’t mess around! Their sizing starts at 2/3 for those little munchkins toddling around. The largest size is 12/13 because these capes are cool and sensible enough for a pre-teen to want to wear one. Word to your mom.

Exciting stuff…Kokka NYC just launched 2 new cape patterns! One is a rain cape and one is a hooded wool cape!

And OMG they made a plaid version…

Kokka NYC Hattie Cape

Kokka NYC Hattie Cape

At this point, my only question is - when is KOKKA going to make these for adults?! Well, and, how do you choose which one to get your little nugget?!


The first 3 customers to purchase a Kokka NYC cape will also receive a handmade lavender sachet + a set of hair ties all made with Kokka’s adorable cotton lining fabrics!

(Offer valid 10/11/19-11/11/19)