Yumble Kids Review

We opened, we tasted, we LOVED!

Seriously folks, we aren't messing around! The girls loved all of the meals from Yumble. Of course they weren't super pumped about some of the veggie options, but they never are. The difference this time is that we didn't have to clean it, prep it, cook it and clean it all up! This was all done for us and the pairings helped our negotiation process with the veggie wars.  Easy to serve. Getting out of the chicken nugget rut and introducing the girls to new options is a breath of fresh air! DONT FORGET - Yumble is offering BITSY followers a 30% discount on their first TWO orders - pop over to YUMBLE KIDS HERE to hit this awesome offer up and try this deliciousness at your house!

Take a look at them tasting, Day 1:

The coloring included in the package was KEY! The meals only took 15 minutes to heat up (all at the same temp, too!) but this coloring lasted the girls about the time it took to heat the meals up as well as the time needed to let the meals cool before eating. Genius. Lucy read Greer the riddle cards and we all had a blast! They forgot they were hungry. Yumble has thought of EVERYTHING!

*Meals - Greer chose the "Yes Please Mac and Cheese (came with yummy broccoli cakes) and Lucy chose the "Chicken Pops" (with orzo and peas) and we all shared the "Cheeseburger Empanada" (with loaded mashed potatoes):

And, Day 2:

*Meals - Lucy chose the "Finger Lickin' Chicken Fingers" (came with hash browns and broccoli) and Greer chose the "Gobble Meat Up" (with sweet potato mash and popcorn cauliflower):

And if your brains are hungry to know what they girls are wearing, below is a list of their outfits from our Yumble Tastings!

Lucy's Outfit, Day 1: 
Burgers + Fries Shirt + Skirt Set, $74-

Greer's Dress, Day 1:
Cara Dress in Yellow, $80-

Lucy's Outfit, Day 2:
Bird Shirt, $40-

Greer's Outfit, Day 2:
Lindsey Berns Top (Old), but head to her site for an AMAZING collection!

Skirt, Crewcuts (Old)

White Divided Toddler Plates, $12.99- (Pack of 3) (Available in fun colors as well!)

Children's Utensil Sets, $2.49- (18-piece set!)