Baby, Baby!

We found the best of everything baby. And boy -or girl! - do we mean it! We have recently become familiar (and in love) with a website dedicated to everything pertaining to baby and toddler. The Baby Cubby is your one-stop shop and they do it in true BITSY style. Word to your mom. For real. The Baby Cubby is an online (and brick + mortar if you live in Utah!) baby supply boutique that offers literally everything from skin care products, clothing, equipment, nursery decor, registry and a ton more. One thing we love at Bitsy is passion. (PS, that is why we are here blogging away about creative, special + fun children's style + clothing finds, remember?!) So for us to feature a shop it means we really, really think you should check it out. We aren't in the business of wasting your time and neither is The Baby Cubby. So, why does The Baby Cubby stand out to Bitsy?

As we mentioned, their passion. They take true pride in their responsibility of guiding new and seasoned parents toward the appropriate product for them and their families. They vet every product they sell so when the questions come rolling (which we know they must!) they are ready and confident with the advice they lend. The folks behind Baby Cubby spend hours researching the best + safest products out there for your little one(s) so you don't have to. They have a stroller track to test strollers. (We secretly want to hit that up someday :)). They even have a link "how to choose the right carseat". The list goes on and on!

They are there when you need them. The Baby Cubby is accessible via social media (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube) and their blog (Cubby Community Blog). When stopping by their online boutique there is a "chat with a cubby mom" option so you can bounce thoughts off of someone experienced and well-versed before making your final decision. That is putting personal back in the online shopping experience. They don't mess around.

Listen, parenthood is a ride. And many times throughout the ride you wonder if you will ever stop feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. It is nice to know that there is a brand out there like this to turn to when a new product hits the market or you are in need of an adjustment in your daily routine. Or, most of all, you are first-time parents with NO idea what to expect, eek! They've made searching and navigating their site a breeze so it is easy for you to find anything you need (and things you didn't even know you needed!).

Bitsy was drawn to The Baby Cubby's website because of their beautiful aesthetic. Their online boutique offers great inspiration visually as well as through their words (product explanations, advice, etc). Bitsy has hand-picked a few of our "must-have" registry and gift items so you can start your baby journey - whether you are building your parenthood collection or helping someone with theirs, we think there is something for everyone here. Check out our picks below. Just an FYI - they price match everyday (even Amazon!) and offer free shipping nationwide over any purchase of $49 or more!! After all, Baby Cubby refers to parents as Superheroes...

Baby Registry Made Easy + Fun!
Baby Registry Made Easy + Fun!
Baby Registry made easy + fun!
Baby Registry made easy + fun!

Little Sapling Toys Darth Vader Teether, $12.95-

Baby Cubby Group Baby Shower Gift Set for Boys, $124.95- (was $139.99-)

Baby Cubby Group Baby Shower Gift Set for Girls, $124.95- (was $139.99-)

*Some exciting news! When Bitsy launches our new website we will be posting features titled "Baby, Baby" where you will find our top picks for baby registry + gift items offered. So remember us when you receive that baby shower invitation or when you become an Auntie or Uncle for the first time because we will have you covered!

*Photos credited to each brand