Baby, It's Cold Outside

I (along with anyone who knows me well) consider myself a “Type A” personality.  I am always planning ahead and checking things off my list.  However, I find that keeping up with my daughter Lucy’s wardrobe has challenged me over the past 2 years.  We are extremely lucky to not only inherit hand-me-downs from my 3 stylish nieces, but also receive a slew of vintage hand-me-downs from my Mother and Aunts.  My Mom, God bless her, saved a lot of our significant pieces – sailor-style dresses from England, "Fieldston Man Tailored" wool dress coats, “Zips” sneakers, “Osh Kosh B’Gosh” over-all jumpers and pants.  The list goes on and on! These inheritances have sometimes allowed me to neglect purchasing some of the vital pieces Lucy may need season-to-season - for example, sweaters for the wintertime.  Even though my Mom saved quite a few of mine, Lucy has needed some versatile day-to-day options that will carry her wardrobe through to the next (in this case, warmer) season. Sweaters she can be “Lucy” in that will give her a stylish look all at the same time.

 Lucy received many incredible gifts when she was first born, but one of my most favorite packages was from Petit Bateau (love from a close friend). Before I even opened the box I knew I would adore what was inside.  Petit Bateau has always been a favorite brand of mine – for myself and for children.  They pride themselves on timeless, unique style and high quality wear. One of the pieces inside the box was a beautiful wool cardigan in a putty color.  This was an extremely generous gift, but I must say that Lucy wore it the most out of any of her other clothing (so worth every penny!).  She sported it for 2 years (I just had to put it in a storage bin!) and it really was a staple in her wardrobe . I paired it with jeans/cords, as a jacket on milder days, skirts, over dresses, you name it.

Here are some sweater picks that might help your child get through these next cold months.  They can play a key role in their day-to-day active wear or act as a cozy, yet dressy option with jeans/cords/woolies/leggings/dresses/skirts on a blustery day.  Most of these options can be considered unisex…

a. petit bateau girl’s wool and cotton cable knit cardigan, $92-

b. polarn o. pyret shawl neck button sweater, $49.50

c. caramel baby & child sherbourne merino wool cardigan, $137.74

d. frankie & ava hand knitted cable cardigan, $98-

e. frankie & ava hand knitted peacoat, $124-

f. nico-nico amp pullover, $172-

g. h&m boys knit cardigan (cotton & wool blend), $24.95

h. mini bamba apparel shawl sweater, $24-

i. noro paris andre cardigan, $56.33

(side note: I’m not one to spring for luxury when it comes to my 2-year old’s sweater selection, but the higher-quality options can be put to great use and eventually be handed down.)

*Petit Bateau holds a sale in-store about 2x/year (they also send online shopping discounts via email frequently)!  Sign up to receive their information here -

*Photo credit to each brand