A Not-So-"Bitsy" Love for Style

This is my inspiration for starting a children’s style + clothing blog...

Lucy - A Not So Bitsy Post.jpg

…My daugher, Lucy And my mother, whose passion for clothing and refusal to settle for anything less than great style was passed along to my sisters and me.  The youngest of 3 girls, I have always valued the beauty of one's style and the comfort of quality clothing. Styling clothes makes me happy!  And now, as a new mom, I have a reason to indulge in the beauty and fun of special children’s wear all the time.

But why keep it to myself? I want to share my love for children’s fashion and the extraordinary pieces I am finding along the way. I’ve spent full nap times (we all know how precious that time is!) searching for the most perfect items to fit Lucy’s blossoming style. Like my mom, I don’t want to settle for what is easy or what may be deemed “the norm”. Making Lucy feel unique and encouraging her to adopt her own way of dressing is my goal. As I try to do that, I hope that what inspires me each day can inspire you and your child’s wardrobe.

So, please fly with me through the awesome-ness of styling for the Itsy Bitsy. Wonderful, unique and fun pieces, from the lowest price points to the high are out there and I am excited to find and share them with you.

To learn more about me, stop by here -http://bitsystyle.wordpress.com/about/.

{In this photo Lucy is wearing sneakers my sisters and I wore back in the day. I paired it with her modern "skinnies", a Ralph Lauren sleeveless plaid polo (a hand-me-down from her cousins) and a playful neon American Apparel sweatshirt. She typically doesn't leave home without her junior chewbeads necklace. And, since we take blueberry picking seriously, she needed to block the sun with her funky wayfarers.}