gimme gimme GIVEAWAY...Thank YOU! Love, Bitsy

Hello to our most favorite of the fave! Bitsy has been hitting some milestones lately, so in order to celebrate properly and roll out our (up-and-coming) UPDATED NEW WEBSITE to you soon, we thought we'd throw our own GIVEAWAY party for all of our loyals (psst...that's you!). Listen up...

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meet me at the ferris wheel

This is a favorite time of year for Bitsy. We WELCOME SUMMER with a very happy heart!! Everyone is outside and carnivals are popping up all around us. The feeling is care-free + fun!

In anticipation for the start of summer, we found this funky little frock and thought it was the perfect introduction to our favorite time of year! This organic, eco-friendly girl's ferris wheel dress from SewnNatural on Etsy features the beautiful photography of Raceytay (also on Etsy - SewnNatural turned Raceytay's photograph into this colorful and adorable pinafore. We really can't take our eyes off of it!


*WOOP WOOP! SewnNatural has generously offered Bitsy readers a 10% discount on anything in the shop until Thursday, May 28th! Use Promo Code BITSY at check out.

Enjoy + Happy Memorial Day!

*Photo credit, Raceytay