Communion Shoes

I’ve recently received a lot of questions about First Holy Communion dresses and shoes. Lucy makes her Communion on April 27th, so we’re on the “Communion scene” for sure 😜! I’ve been on the hunt for a while. Lu decided to wear my sister, Meredith’s dress. She loves mine, but my sister’s dress suits her perfectly. It fits her perfectly and is so Lucy’s little style. I can’t wait for you to see it! She decided she wants to wear

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La Coqueta Sale!

A sale from one of our most favorite brands - La Coqueta! Yes, please. Lucy and Greer wear a ton of La Coqueta for many reasons. The first reason being that the clothing is made SO well. It is true craftsmanship - something that we don’t see much of in these times. The other reason is that their styles are spot on - classic and easy to tailor to your own every day (or even special occasion) vibe.

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Duck, Duck, BOOTS!

Today we’re sharing Bitsy’s children’s Duck Boots picks. We love duck boots because they are a practical, cute, one-shoe option for the munchkins in the colder/wet months. See our good ‘ol stand-bys, some new options ( we’ve personally tried this year for Lucy) and styles that make our eyes smile!

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We decided a while ago we want to gift the girls useful, simple presents this Holiday season. We have just spent almost 2 years of our lives packing, moving, sorting, moving again, purging, renovating, moving some more, renovating some more, purging, renovating. You get the idea. Through this we’ve realized that we have too much “stuff” and the burden of holding on to it seems ridiculous. Since we are about to embark on installing our family room area carpet (fingers crossed before Christmas!) we thought bean bags would be such a great addition to the room that we hang out in the most. So, the search began for the right bean bags.

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Seasonal Lists

Memorial Day weekend happened and I skated through it like I usually do - a bit stressed because I was not prepared with the things the girls needed for the new "season". If you live near or around New England, you are most likely with me on this because the past two years we basically have gone straight from winter into summer. It threw me off last year and again this year. So, I started compiling 2 lists. I grouped together spring/summer, autumn/winter (just like designers do when creating their collections!).

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The Shop Up by Babyccino Round Up!

Bitsy was excited to attend Babyccino's 2nd NYC Shop Up this past weekend. We had the opportunity to walk around the event 2 days in a row - getting to know new brands, visiting with old friends and discovering beautiful + creative new product that makes you want to spend all of your money! Dangerous.

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We love ENK Children's Club!

It was a busy time for the world of children's apparel design last week. As you know, we hit up PLAYTIME NEW YORK and got super overwhelmed (in a good way!) with creations from the children's wear designers and what they will be offering in their for spring/summer 2017 collections.

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gimme gimme GIVEAWAY...Thank YOU! Love, Bitsy

Hello to our most favorite of the fave! Bitsy has been hitting some milestones lately, so in order to celebrate properly and roll out our (up-and-coming) UPDATED NEW WEBSITE to you soon, we thought we'd throw our own GIVEAWAY party for all of our loyals (psst...that's you!). Listen up...

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We love PLAYTIME New York!

If you can believe it, it is was time to preview the children's wear 2017 spring/summer collections at PLAYTIME NEW YORK this week. Bitsy hit the scene eager to meet up with old friends and have them show us their new tricks as well as introduce ourselves to new friends (new finds are a favorite jam!).

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bitsy favorite for the itsy...LA COQUETA!

Bitsy is all about hand-me-downs, classic pieces with an updated look - this we know. Well, if there were ever a brand to match Bitsy's aesthetic and style aspirations, La Coqueta would be it. We are naturally almost always drawn to Spanish-made children's wear and you'll see why after sifting through La Coqueta's collection and over-all style. This brand's chic twist on the traditional has us wanting every single piece!

La Coqueta resides in North London, but every piece is "proudly made in Spain". And, lucky for us, the owner (mother of 5, ehhh emmm) offers all of her exquisite creations on La Coqueta's e-commerce site, so cheers to those of us across the pond. We can get some goodness for our little ones as well!

Everything about this brand makes us content. You will truly appreciate the beautiful details, subtle twists and European touches. As usual, we've picked a few looks that catch our eye, but the whole brand truly catches our eye! All of these looks and many others can be found on their site (link provided below!).


*Photo Credit, La Coqueta

palm tree breezes

Take us anywhere but here! As usual, we have our sights set on warmer temps, no socks and sunnies. That's right folks, palm tree breezes. We hope you enjoy what we are dreaming of styling in a few months (or maybe if you are hitting a beach for a little vaca...)...

 We're loving the flamingo fad. So fun and the image really does transplant you to a beach-y vacation spot. Also, we will always love the traditional stripe-y patterns for resort-wear. You can't go wrong and they transition so well to the summer/fall months. Check out what we've rounded up:

*All photos credited to their brands