Communion Shoes

I’ve recently received a lot of questions about First Holy Communion dresses and shoes. Lucy makes her Communion on April 27th, so we’re on the “Communion scene” for sure 😜! I’ve been on the hunt for a while. Lu decided to wear my sister, Meredith’s dress. She loves mine, but my sister’s dress suits her perfectly. It fits her perfectly and is so Lucy’s little style. I can’t wait for you to see it! She decided she wants to wear

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La Coqueta Sale!

A sale from one of our most favorite brands - La Coqueta! Yes, please. Lucy and Greer wear a ton of La Coqueta for many reasons. The first reason being that the clothing is made SO well. It is true craftsmanship - something that we don’t see much of in these times. The other reason is that their styles are spot on - classic and easy to tailor to your own every day (or even special occasion) vibe.

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Engineer Prints

It’s not a secret that our reno has been very challenging. But as we start to live in the fruits of our labor, there are pieces of the process that have changed me in such a positive way. These engineer prints that I posted on Instagram in the beginning stages of our renovation (moving day!) are one of those pieces.

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bitsy favorite for the itsy...LA COQUETA!

Bitsy is all about hand-me-downs, classic pieces with an updated look - this we know. Well, if there were ever a brand to match Bitsy's aesthetic and style aspirations, La Coqueta would be it. We are naturally almost always drawn to Spanish-made children's wear and you'll see why after sifting through La Coqueta's collection and over-all style. This brand's chic twist on the traditional has us wanting every single piece!

La Coqueta resides in North London, but every piece is "proudly made in Spain". And, lucky for us, the owner (mother of 5, ehhh emmm) offers all of her exquisite creations on La Coqueta's e-commerce site, so cheers to those of us across the pond. We can get some goodness for our little ones as well!

Everything about this brand makes us content. You will truly appreciate the beautiful details, subtle twists and European touches. As usual, we've picked a few looks that catch our eye, but the whole brand truly catches our eye! All of these looks and many others can be found on their site (link provided below!).


*Photo Credit, La Coqueta