Engineer Prints

Motivation Monday

It’s not a secret that our reno has been very challenging. But as we start to live in the fruits of our labor, there are pieces of the process that have changed me in such a positive way. These engineer prints that I posted on Instagram in the beginning stages of our renovation (moving day!) are one of those pieces. I promised I would show you the finished products so here they are! I fell in love with this idea when reading one of my favorite blogs, Chris Loves Julia and instantly went to work on creating my own version for our family room. On a very rainy summer morning, I rounded up the girls and let them each pick their favorite dress. Crazy enough they each chose a La Coqueta dress, which as you know is one of my all time favorite brands! I drove the girls over to the new house and - in the middle of construction - snapped their little personalities in these photos.


Oddly enough, the spot that gave me the best light for photography that day is the exact wall these pics live today. They were the first thing we hung in this house, officially turning it into our home. Below is the info if you are so inclined to execute the same DIY project. We purchased the frames from a favorite, Wexel Art.


For instructions on the black + white photography and printing your photos as engineer prints, head to Chris Loves Julia for details. Our couch is from Anthropologie. Since it looks like it is no longer available, this one is close. The play Diner was mine from growing up 😉😊.