Living Tiny

Recently we posted on Instagram about the beautiful dollhouses created by Jackie Anderson of Sawdust Angel. Her recent stunning collab with one of our favorites, Hygge and West, to create tiny versions of real-life, decorated spaces in the dollhouse realm for their new book HYGGE & WEST HOME: DESIGN FOR A COZY LIFE completely inspired us. So we are sharing our dollhouse! I grew up with this dollhouse, but somehow through my childhood it went unfinished, unfurnished and undecorated. Just before we took on our real-life farmhouse renovation my mom gave my childhood dollhouse to us. Mike and I went to work restoring it and, of course, furnishing it. Now after learning about Jackie Anderson and Sawdust Angel we are fully inspired to get decorating!

Take a peek through the slideshow -

The furniture we bought for this project is available below (broken down by room). At the time we furnished our dollhouse, the amazing Sawdust Angel was not in our view!

One other tidbit - those hooks under the roof are for Christmas decorations. The girls decorate it for the holidays every year :).

Baby Set

Children’s Room

Sitting Room

Drawing Room



Master Bedroom

Another cute bathroom!

Mike made the spinning table which is the best for the girls to easily access the dollhouse, but it still can be a decorative piece in our home - win-win! Comment below if you’d like instructions on how to make the table!

Cheers to tiny living!