Communion Shoes

I’ve recently received a lot of questions about First Holy Communion dresses and shoes. Lucy makes her Communion on April 27th, so we’re on the “Communion scene” for sure 😜! I’ve been on the hunt for a while. Lu decided to wear my sister, Meredith’s dress. She loves mine, but my sister’s dress suits her perfectly. It fits her perfectly and is so Lucy’s little style. I can’t wait for you to see it! She decided she wants to wear my veil (a bit to my dismay as I had been hoping to do a pretty garland “crown”, but she is happy so I am happy!). I plan to add a bit to the crown piece with fresh flowers. It is a tricky balance because although Lucy is growing up, she is still only 7. Days are limited for me being able to strongly voice my opinion on these choices. However, this is a special occasion so I want to steer her appropriately. Let’s face it, there aren’t a ton of ways to be different or express your style for a Communion anyway!

The last bit was the shoes and they have been stressing me OUT. We come home from our family vacation late Easter night and Lucy’s big day is the following Saturday, so that meant I needed to order shoes by last weekend. We finally decided and could not be happier with our choice - because they are $21!!!! And they are so simple. Thank you, Children’s Salon! Fingers crossed they arrive before we leave, she is able to try them on and they fit! Below is what we chose and the others we were deciding between:

What We Chose:

Then, Love At First Sight 😍:

We Also Loved:

If you have a little one making their First Holy Communion, we wish you the happiest celebration!

Images, each brand.