Pancakes with Daddy

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Pancakes with Daddy!

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Happy Friday to you. Oh boy are we so happy it is Friday. We have been so busy in the Bitsy household. Cleaning up from the Pop Up Shop, getting our girls back on a normal schedule, finishing up house projects and getting ready for our vaca in a week. Its raining in CT today and I am secretly okay with it. We are looking so very forward to a weekend with no plans - just piecing ourselves back together after a month-long rush and spending some good family time together.

Today Im sharing our family’s pancake recipe. The best part of this weekend will be pancakes with daddy. Every Sat and/or Sun when we don’t have a packed schedule the girls go downstairs first thing with Mike and make our family breakfast. One of my favorite sounds is of the 3 of them downstairs making pancakes together. I sit in bed and listen to their shenanigans, the Beatles always playing in the background and it makes my heart so happy! Mike’s pancake recipe has evolved quite a bit through the years with many variations and substitutions or additions. We are healthy eaters in our home as much as we can be, so we’ve perfected the recipe in order that we are still indulging, but are not feeling too yucky afterward. We also let the girls add chocolate chips or m&ms (or whatever seasonal candy we have in the house that would taste good to them in there! Trust me, we’ve tried some weird options!). Also, of course, sometimes we add the seasonal fruit we have on hand. One of my favorite additions is blueberries. I just love pouring the syrup over them and eating a hot piece of blueberry and pancake. There is nothing like it!

However, my most favorite addition of all time is organic pumpkin puree. It started one autumn when Mike was wanting to use up a can I had opened for baking in order not to waste it. We love pumpkin flavored anything around here, so I was down with this trial. It knocked our socks off and we haven’t really ever looked back. There was a time when we would only be able to buy pumpkin puree in the fall months (we always do the organic Trader Joe’s brand), but now we order it on Amazon so we can have it all year round! The girls have a tradition of eating pumpkin puree with a spoon while Mike cooks. I was shocked when I first saw them happily spooning pumpkin puree in their mouths, but also super happy because it is so good for them!

The pumpkin puree makes them moist, healthy and super delicious. We are sharing our (really, Mike, Lucy and Greer’s 😉) recipe with you below. We hope you enjoy! Of course we use only REAL Maple Syrup (we get Grade A Amber Color, available at Costco or Amazon). Please note that this recipe is as straight-forward as we were able to make it - the girls truly help make them so they don’t always come out exactly the same every time 😜!

Mike, Lucy + Greer’s Pumpkin Pancakes

1.5 cups whole wheat flour
2 tsps baking powder
cinnamon (per your taste, we like a lot)
Salt (just a dash, optional. we typically exclude)
1.5 cups 2% milk
2 Large eggs
Maple Syrup (in place of sugar, we use the real stuff. Mike says its about 10 seconds of pouring 😂)
1 Can Organic Pumpkin Puree

Mix all dry ingredients. Add in the wet. Stir until thoroughly mixed. Add any mix-ins (chocolate chips, blueberries) and stir until mixed in well. Pour spoonfuls on a heated (medium heat) skillet. Flip when bubbles appear. Cook 2nd side until the pancake is sturdy. Serve!


The girl’s PJs are our favorite, Paper Cape.

Images: Kristin Wood Photography