singing in the rain

No matter the precipitation (hoping rain...snow, get the hint already), we are L-O-V-I-N-G what we've rounded up for "spring showers" gear! Check out our rainy day picks so everyone will be singing in the rain (not just the kiddos!)!

We started with our favorites. A new french company named Faux Pas (we are obsessed with them!) launched these super sweet Opera Ballet Flats. The "Jam" that affixes to the top of the shoe is interchangeable. Say what?!?! Oh, and guess what? They come in ADULT sizes TOO!! There are more jams to choose from as well as other adorable product from the Faux Pas 2016 collection on, so head there to see for yourself...

Faux Pas Opera Ballet Flat with Jam Accessory, $34-

Okay, we have another favorite. GoSoaky - a new Dutch brand bringing us seriously cute and practical (we love practical up in this piece!) rain gear for the most active, most curious, rain-loving customers. Talk about gear! They will be all set with these pieces. There is so much more to GoSoaky's 2016 spring/summer collection, so head on over...

GoSoaky Crouching Tiger Unisex Cape in Pink Dogwood, $55.77-

GoSoaky Cry Wolf Girls Jacket in Striped Allover, $75.52-

GoSoaky Elephant Man Unisex Jacket in Loden Green, $66.93-

GoSoaky Hidden Drago Unisex Pants in Vibrant Yellow, $44.60-

Wait, there's more!!!!

Holly + Beau is another new company showing off a super fun new concept for children's rain gear. When the piece (jacket, umbrella) gets wet (which it is supposed to, right hee hee) the pattern changes colors from white to a beautiful rainbow (ahhh, we get it!). Above are our favorite picks, but again, so much more on their site...

Holly and Beau

Believe it or not, we have MORE amazing rain gear picks for your little people, so stay tuned for another "Singing in the Rain" post tomorrow!

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