Seasonal Lists

Memorial Day weekend happened and I jammed through it like I usually do - a bit stressed because I was not prepared with the things the girls needed for the new "season" while trying to enjoy the start of a new routine. If you live near or around New England, you are most likely with me on this because the past two years we basically have gone straight from winter into summer. It threw me off last year and again this year. No water shoes for our Memorial Day beach adventures. Where are my beach towels?! Beach bag?! They need sunscreen! Uggg. I frequently feel this way in April/May and then again in August/September. Our routines change during these months as the seasons change and we tend to have less time to make our lists and get the right gear in order. 

So, I started compiling 2 lists. I grouped together spring/summer, fall/winter (just like designers do when creating their collections!). I thought about what fills our closets and mudroom in these two times of the year. What we cannot live without. I'm sharing these 2 lists with you below so you too can get ahead of the stress this year and be ready-to-go with your kiddos!

Spring & Summer Don't Forget Shopping List.jpg

Some of our favorite products from this list are:

Bug Repellent (Deet-free), $12.50- 

Bug Repellent Snap Bracelets (the formula never touches your body!), $12-

Sunscreen, $13-

Bathing Suits

Clothing + Gear Labels


Water Shoes


Fall & Winter Don't Forget Shopping List.jpg

Some of our favorite products from this list are:

Thermal Underwear

Undershirts, Girls

Undershirts, Boys

Stay tuned for us to feature our product picks of the items on these lists for fall/winter collection launches in August and September!