Bitsy Favorite for the Itsy…Elenfhant!

We decided a while ago we want to gift the girls useful, simple presents this Holiday season. We have just spent almost 2 years of our lives packing, moving, sorting, moving again, purging, renovating, moving some more, renovating some more, purging, renovating. You get the idea. Through this we’ve realized that we have too much “stuff” and the burden of holding on to it seems ridiculous. Since we are about to embark on installing our family room area carpet (fingers crossed before Christmas!) we thought bean bags would be such a great addition to the room that we hang out in the most. So, the search began for the right bean bags.

Now, of course, I am super anal about decor and was not about to buy the first bean bags that came up in my search. They also need to be comfortable for the girls - for watching movies, playing with barbies, building legos, reading. We searched and searched and almost settled on these cuties from Pottery Barn Teen. Even though these would have looked fine, been super comfy and the girls would have loved them, I really wanted to step it up a bit. Also, sometimes the traditional bean bag can be too big, too overwhelming both for kids and for a space. So, my search landed me on one of our favorite sites, Elenfhant. The Nobodinoz Zen Beanbag in Gold Stella + Natural really spoke to me so I ordered them! They arrived Monday and we couldn’t love them any more, especially in our space. I know the girls are going to be so pumped. Santa knows best, right?!

Elenfhant Nobodinoz Zen Bean Bag

Elenfhant Nobodinoz Zen Bean Bag

The reason we are showcasing Elenfhant as a Bitsy Fave for the Itsy isn’t just because we adore their site and everything they have to offer for the littles. It is because they went above and beyond for us with these bean bags. I placed the order a few weeks ago and after checking in on the status of my order, I received an email from someone at Elenfhant letting me know that because they were worried our Bean Bags may not arrive to us in the States on time for Christmas, they expedited shipping at no additional cost to us. I received a very pleasant note along with this information and was just so impressed. Customer service is everything to us - it is extremely important and a simple act as this secures your customer base and engages folks. So, if you haven’t ever visited Elenfhant make sure you do. They offer “Goods for Children” in a very GOOD way.

Photo credit, Elenfhant + Nobodinoz.