Duck, Duck, BOOTS!

Today we’re sharing Bitsy’s children’s Duck Boots picks. We love duck boots because they are a practical, cute, one-shoe option for the munchkins in the colder/wet months. See our good ‘ol stand-bys, some new options ( we’ve personally tried this year for Lucy) and styles that make our eyes smile!

Our Good ‘Ol Stand-Bys are:

However, this year we got Lucy these (see below) because she was perfectly between sizes in the Gap boots. We are loving these Sperrys and they really have been worth every penny:

Sperry offers this option as well, which are pretty sweet. Lucy wanted the traditional boot this year, but we wouldn’t have minded if she wanted these:

We aren’t crazy about black on kiddos since they are only young for such a little bit, but these are cool and can easily be styled:

These are pretty adorable as well…

Here’s to keeping their toe-sies warm and dry through the next few months!

Image credit to each brand.