Bitsy Favorite for the Itsy...PEPPER KIDS!

Happy 2019!! We thought we’d start the New Year off with a stunner. PEPPER KIDS is a brand we mamas want to be wearing ourselves. Bitsy feels like we hit the jackpot by discovering them. Not only does PEPPER KIDS offer the cutest in children’s fashion (classic with a modern twist), but they also have an insanely reasonable price point that seriously cannot be beat. It is the perfect scenario for children’s fashion - dressing them as you wish without paying too much. PEPPER’S pieces adapt into many different looks - play clothes for school, dress clothes for special occasions and special activities and everyday rascality. It is obvious that when designing their collections, they take the true, modern child and family into consideration. Also obvious is the thought they put into the pieces so they can span your child’s closet - pairings become easier and more fun because your child likes what they are wearing and can switch up their looks easily. Take a look for yourself…

These are just a few of our favorites, but really, we adore everything on the site. We would 100% dress Greer and Lucy in these pieces and actually already have our choices on order. Bitsy has even added their berets to our gift guide - with so many perfect colors to choose from and their amazing price-point how can we not consider them as a great gift topper?! We are loving that they have sweet leggings and knee-highs as well!


Image Credit, Pepper Kids.