Who didn’t have a pair of jellies growing up?! My sisters and I rocked them, all the time. Blisters and all. They were too cool to take off and were so much fun to wear!

I decided to purchase a pair of jellies for both Lucy and Greer for our vacation. Naturally, Lucy chose the blue and Greer chose the purple. The best part is that Sun Jellies sells adorable jelly bags. They are so retro and a perfect splash of color for your wardrobe. I bought one for each of my girls, for my mom and each of my sisters (and myself, of course 😉). I snapped a few shots of Lucy and Greer our first night away. They really scream vacation….

They have so many fun colors and shapes. And the jelly shoes actually don’t make my girls feet hurt!

Happy spring, happy summer, happy vacation!