Bitsy Favorite for the Itsy (+ Mama!)...Scamp + Dude

Scamp + Dude is a brand we recently came across when hunting for cute sweatshirts for mama. Total bonus, they have a children’s collection as well! It is too awesome, too cute - have to share! It’s what you want to be wearing + what your little ones want to be wearing. Take a peek at our faves here and then be sure to head to their website - SCAMP + DUDE - for even more coolness. They are super comfy + “super soft” and step up a “sweats” day like no other…

Each Scamp + Dude piece has a lightning bolt on it. This is intended to be a “superpower button”! “Press your Superpower button to activate your chosen superpower”. Now that helps get your little one dressed in the AM!

Another bonus - they will be launching in the US soon so keep an eye out!

*Photo credit to Scamp + Dude.