My Fabulous Storyteller...Bitsy x Lunii

The Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller

The Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller

An interactive, screenless, hand-held, creative and adventurous storyteller for children ages 3-8. This device is convenient, comfortable, lightweight, easy-to-use and cute looking! We like it so much we’ve added it to our Gift Page

This time we are sharing a product that literally had us at hello and has since owned our hearts. My Fabulous Storyteller by Lunii is a hand-held, fun, interactive, screenless (!!) storyteller to help foster children’s imaginative power. The device is a small, lightweight box that offers 48+ stories for your little one to listen along to. Your child gets to pick the protagonist, the location, the companion and an object of the story. Once those have been chosen, they get to sit back and listen to a wonderful tale that has been created for their listening pleasure. When we first met with the folks of Lunii and they explained their amazing product to us, all we could think of is those nights that our children ask us to tell them a story rather than read to them. This sounds terrible, but some nights we just don’t have the stamina to create a make-believe story that is going to both capture their attention and put them to sleep (can I get an ‘Amen!’?!). So folks, My Fabulous Storyteller does this for you! And the best part about it is that it is a small electronic device that can be stashed easily in your purse, in your carry-on, in your car for long road trips, in your stroller for walks/runs, etc. It can be charged through an electrical socket using a USB adaptor or plugged directly into your computer. Convenient as heck! And the best part is that your child can use it on their own because it is simple and straightforward to operate.

But wait, there’s more! The “Luniistore” is a free application that allows you to manage the content of your storyteller. For example, our storyteller came with 48 stories. Once your child/ren have tired those stories, you can connect your Storyteller to a computer to download new stories and even music! Lots of fun choices on the app. Voila!!

Our girls have been testing one out and they are l-o-v-i-n-g it! The stories they are hearing grasp their attention and they love that they can create their own combination of characters and plots. They have sat as long as an hour listening and creating. The stories are short enough that they don’t get distracted and long enough to keep them sitting and intrigued. In fact, this has sparked an even greater interest in their own storytelling. They have been creating their very own little stories and drawing pictures to go along with them. The fun really stretches and gets their brains jogging as they listen. It is great for older siblings when mama is nursing their baby sibling - and in public they can listen with headphones! Another great bonus is that you can download stories in French, Italian, Spanish or English - a great way for children to get used to new languages. The Lunii crew earns a big stamp of creative genius from Bitsy. It has been added to our gift guide and we urge you to check this product out ASAP! This will be a huge wave of child creativity and imaginative play for years to come!

My Fabulous Storyteller by Lunii

Bitsy x Lunii collaboration officially begins today! We are headed to Arizona for a week and we can’t wait for our girls to use their Lunii on the plane, in the hotel, at the pool, etc. Stay tuned for our rendition of this product as we really put it to good use and give it the Bitsy true test!

*Photo credit to Lunii + Bitsy