Greer Turns 4!

Greer’s 4th birthday was a few weeks ago - it came and went and I just can’t believe she is 4! Since we were so busy baking rainbow cakes and getting ready for our trip to AZ, we never had a chance to share her silhouette. Greer requested a carnival theme and currently her favorite color is purple (much to mama’s dismay), so here it is!

Greer 4th Birthday Silhouette (UltraViolet).jpg

We own the Toot Sweet Meri Meri Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder and used it for the photo. It lives in the girl’s playroom as decoration and occasionally we’ll pull it out for a party. Triple purpose - love it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our sweet Greer!

Silhouette by Gina Pasini of Aabcdefginaa.