In honor of International Day of the Girl we’re sharing an incredible new book (officially available for purchase on November 6th - pre-order details below!). Leah Tinari is an artist with extroadinary talent. Her artwork is inspiring in-and-of itself, but when you partner it with a book to empower girls and women, it truly becomes electric.

Limitless by Leah Tinari was originally introduced to us at our favorite children’s shop in our favorite hood. An.Mé is a children’s shop in the East Village, NYC that is a must visit. It is where we find all of our precious finds, big and small. During a visit last spring the cover of Leah Tinari’s Limitless was sitting on the counter at An.Mé and it grabbed my attention instantly. The lovely owners of the shop filled me in on Leah and I was immediately excited. I got super pumped and pre-ordered a copy of this fab book for me and my girls. As mentioned earlier, it will be released on Nov. 6th so be sure to pre-order your copy, too…

Limitless by Leah Tinari

Leah is the artist behind another inspiring and colorful children’s book. The Magical Fantastical Fridge, authored by Harlan Coben, is an adventurous story that teaches and inspires through Leah’s wonderful artistry and through its super fun story line. Check it out!

Who run the world?! GIRLS!!!!

Photo credit to Leah Tinari.