Bitsy Favorite for the Itsy...Tia Cibani Kids!

Hi there, folks! HAPPY 2017!! Can you believe it, another year?! Yahoo! We can't wait to dive in... That being said, we thought we'd start this year off with a bang. A great big "Bitsy Favorite for the Itsy" bang! Tia Cibani is a brand we've been following since we first fell in love at a Playtime NY market show.  A veteran in the women's wear market, Tia decided to dip into the children's world and has since been crushing it! Her designs are playful and fun, frequently drawing from global inspiration which lends much enjoyment to the eye. Each piece is like a wearable piece of art. The heirloom quality and bright perspective are what won over our hearts. And each piece is special enough on its own, but also leaves room for your own personal styling as well. Tia Cibani Kids makes it easy while walking on the wild side! Her fabrics are insanely amazing and the way it all comes together really rocks our world.

Take a look at Tia's brilliant collection on their (new!) website:


As always, we are showcasing some of our favorite pieces below. Head to her website to snag some pieces for your little one - and everything is on sale today - 30% off!

Photo Credit: Tia Cibani