Memory Lane by Meminio

With our house on the market and Lucy starting Kindergarten this year, we're realizing we need to 1. consolidate and 2. organize. And, since at Bitsy we basically shop for a living, we took on the task of locating a good looking, smart organization system.  For some reason this category has been quite challenging...until...Meminio came into our lives.

Meminio is a British gifting company that creates lovely ways to organize your child's memories. They are bringing us back to simpler times and helping us keep track of the things that are really important for our children. They have just launched their Memory Case in Cream. Lined with a nostalgic printed fabric, this beautifully decorated case is available in a small and large size in order to accommodate their first pair of shoes and hospital band to even their much adorned lovie (when the time comes! Tear.). Each case shares an option for personalization - a charming luggage tag that belts on to the case's handle. What a perfect baby gift!

What we love most about the memory case (and, really, all of their products!) is that they are simply and stunningly designed so you can use them as decor in your child's room, family or living room. This also helps (us!) with the problem of 'not enough storage space', so no need to find room for them in a closet!

Check them out - Meminio. We hope you enjoy your stroll down memory lane...we know your children will thank you when they take their trip in years to come...

*Photo Credit: Meminio.