Disney Goody Bags

Start Your Disney Trip Off With A Bang!

The first day we were in Disney we left the girls a fun little goody bag to kick off the magic and get them pumped up. It totally worked and they rocked what we gave them the whole trip! This is what we included in their bags:

Minnie Mouse Gift Bags, $2.25/each-

Minnie Mouse Sticker Earrings, $6/3 sheets

Glow Stick Bracelets/Headbands/Glasses/Necklaces, $10-

Disney Autograph Books, $18-

Minnie Mouse Pens, $10/2 Pack

Minnie Mouse Tees - We purchased the girls' at H&M a while ago. Theirs are no longer available, but we love these just as much!:

Minnie Mouse Tee, $14.99 

Minnie Mouse Sweatshirt, $17.99-

Of course our bags are heavy on the girl items, but there are lots of fun Disney "boy" themed options as well!

Photo credit to each brand.