Mud Kitchen

An Outdoor Kitchen Set for the Littles

Our girls love to cook. They are always with us in the kitchen and they adore concocting fun creations when we aren't in the kitchen - at the beach, in their playroom, in the backyard. All of these places lend different, interesting ingredients that keep it new almost every time. One of their favorite ways to create a yummy menu is in our "mud kitchen" in our backyard. They create for hours and hours and it never seems to get old. Talk about organic!

A few years ago we gave Lucy this book for her birthday and she has LOVED it ever since. She takes it outside with her to create and now that she can read she follows the recipes along on her own. It is darn cute to witness. Our book has been shown a lot of love, which is what makes it even more special. 

Even if this book never makes it outside, you will love to read it and look at it with your little chef. It is a classic and beautifully done. This (with the kitchen set below) make a great gift! Below is the "kid" kitchen set we got the girls - it lives in our garage and is strictly for outside. Spring is the perfect time for this btw because there is "good" mud (as Lucy would say) and new blossoms! Makes for super creative, super delicious play. 


Photo credit, each brand.