Greer's Room Reno

Designing a Bedroom for a 3-year old...

Greer and Lucy have been sharing a room since we moved into our new home last August. Although they love sharing (secret bed-time hand shake and all!), we think it is time for them to have their own spaces, especially as Lucy approaches age 7. Our house is old, so the bedrooms are small. Giving them their own rooms will allow each to have a little play space on their floors and more room to be themselves. We have been collecting inspiration for Greer's room and now that it is FINALLY ready for the fun part of the reno (the decorating!) we thought it would be fun to share our inspiration board. Greer loves pink, doggies and chee-chees (birds). She's been known to pull up a corner on the floor and sit and "read" a book for up to 30 minutes at a time. So there was the spark to our inspiration and it just kept rolling from there. We've had oh so much fun creating this space for the littlest of our bunch...

Greer's Room Idea Board.jpg

We will share the "after" photo as soon as it is finished in a few weeks, but till then you can shop our inspo board below (some pieces are available in our gift guide as well):

Gummy Bear Night Light, $30-

Dollhouse Night Light, $48-

"Daydream" Wallpaper Tiles, $58- 

Black + White Puppy Dog Prints, $36- +

Liberty Wiltshire Tana Lawn Fabric, $8.27/.25 yards

Busunge Adjustable Twin Bed, $199-

Ava Regency Night Stand, $299-

Pink Unicorn Snot, $12.99-

The Puffin in Bloom Classic Book Collection, $38-

And just for fun and a bit of suspense here are a few before photos of Miss G's room...