Snail Mail

Correspondence. Long live the hand-written note! 

One of the reasons we love today's day-in-age is because we can reach our loved ones, near and far, in a matter of seconds. Emails, texts, face-time...we can get our doses of those we cherish more frequently and at a moment's notice. 

This is all wonderful. We agree. However, there is something amazing that needs to be recognized about a hand-written, snail-mailed note. We will always have a very special place in our hearts for that piece of paper that comes in the mailbox and surprises us. They are popping in the mail less and less lately and Bitsy just cannot have it that way. So, along our Bitsy travels we came across a delicious paper works company that we knew we'd need to share with our readers. As we shopped their incredible brand (and purchased our own work notebook for 2018!) we also came across a fabulous little society they offer as well...

Mr. Boddington SSLW.jpg

Meet Mr. Boddington's SSLW, The Secret Society of Letter Writers. "Master Boddington welcomes boys and girls from Brooklyn to Tokyo to Moscow to Buenos Aires to join a Secret Society to honor and protect the hand-written letter." That's right folks, LONG LIVE THE HAND-WRITTEN NOTE! The club is free to join and the sole purpose of this set-up is to keep the enthusiasm of letter writing strong for children who love to write. We signed Lucy up right away. No question. How fun! You definitely need to check this out! 

And while you are visiting Mr. Boddington's Studio you need to check out all of their other absolutely adorable product. From notepads to artwork to letter writing kits to desk sets (shared in our gift guide) and much more...their site will have you inspired to write!

*Photo Credit, Mr. Boddington's Studio