Inklings Paperie & Other Love Notes

We love scouting new brands, sucking the inspo from them and sharing it with you, our readers. Inklings Paperie is one of those brands that makes it so easy for us to share. Not much lead story for me to type here. Truthfully, just take a look at their products. The creativity is epic. We want to be them. Or, at least own all of their products LOL.

Here’s how we found them. Its no secret that I love slipping a love note in my girls lunches here and there. I have shared on Instagram some of my napkin art. This idea came into play when Lucy was off to Kindergarten and couldn’t yet fully read. I started drawing her pictures on her napkins for lunchtime. My idea was not to have the entire 6 hour day go by without Lu and I “touching base” ☺️. Now the napkins have totally become a thing and I still find it (as do Lu and Greer) so neat to be able to communicate to them while they are at school eating lunch with their buddies.

Enter Inklings Paperie. For Greer’s first day of Kindergarten a dear friend and her daughter put together a “scratch off” note for Greer to discover in her lunch box. My friend knows of my napkins so was excited to share this product with the Bitsy household. The note blew all of our minds. Not only was it super duper fun for Greer to scratch off the note card and discover a message underneath, but the note was personalized and written in my friend’s daughter’s handwriting! She drew her a picture and everything! Minds blown, like I said. I immediately went to their website, fell in love and reached out to them directly to collaborate. In a split second I had a gorgeous package on my doorstep with a pack of Lunchbox Notes and a set of their School Year Time Capsule Notebooks inside.

The company’s inspiration goes so much deeper than what they create. You can tell they are nice, talented and hard-working people that put only love into their creations. Their product line is immense. They just came out with a scratch off Advent Calendar which is seriously so cool I need to get one for us! You can hide your own message for December 25th. Oh-SO-FUN! They have baby gender reveal products, bachelorette games, balloons, luxe tags, etc. Their site is incredible, truly. Everything they do is perfection, down to their gift wrapping.

If you want my honest opinion, Im going to start adding some of Inklings products on top of baby shower gifts. Moms-to-be should be locked and loaded with fun little ready-to-use products for those milestone moments (like the first day of Kinder!) that knock mamas off of their feet!

PS - Inklings is currently partnering with Starbucks to create their new Gift Cards!! Scratch off gift cards - brilliant. I always dislike giving gift cards as gifts b/c they feel so impersonal, but there are some gifts they are a must. With this option you can add a personal touch and that makes me happy.

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Some image credit, Inklings Paperie. All others, Bitsy Style.